Hey everyone!

Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Happy Tuesday. Today’s post is a blog post that I’ve seen circling around the Internet quite a bit recently so I thought I would post my own version of it for you all and recommend some of the apps that I’ve been loving recently! There are some apps in this list that are for Instagrammers/ influencers as well as bloggers. I hope you all enjoy this!

The first app is Story Art. I only discovered this app a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed with it! The app has over 2000 templates to help you make amazing, aesthetic Instagram stories and it has honestly been a life saver for me! There are so many themes to choose from and it has made my story look so much better since I started using it. There are also lots of Highlight Covers too. I love this and would definitely recommend downloading it.

The next app is Pinterest. This is my favourite app of all time. I’m sure many of you will already have it but if you don’t then you should definitely try it out! My Pinterest username is sophie.amarax if you’re wanting to follow me! I have lots of different boards ranging from ‘quotes’ to ‘summer’ to ‘travelling’ to wardrobe’… at the moment I have 32 boards in total!

The third app is WordPress. This is only really necessary if your blog is on this platform. I prefer to use the desktop version of it but I still have it on my phone so that I can reply to any comments or quickly check that my posts have been scheduled etc.

The next app I’m going to mention is VSCO. Many of you may know this app for it’s photo editing and filters but I recently discovered a feature on it called ‘DSCO’. If you go to the camera and then swipe across you will reach this section, if you hold down the circular button on the screen it will film a video for you. These videos are so aesthetic and I LOVE them!!

The final app I’ll be talking about is Colourtone. This app contains a library of ever-expanding filters and presets. I have recently started experimenting with a couple of these presets and my next theme is going to actually be using one of these presets!!

I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know what your favourite apps are to use for your Instagram and your blog! Take care everyone & keep smiling!

Soph xx

20 thoughts on “APPS ALL BLOGGERS NEED

  1. Pinterest is pretty amazing! I can spend hours on it and not even notice. I’m downloading the story art app after checking it out. I can’t wait to use it 😂

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