My Favourite Youtubers ☆

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be sharing another list with you – we all know I LOVE lists! So this list will be ‘my favourite Youtubers’. Recently, I’ve been kind of considering starting a YouTube channel but I’m really debating it & I’m not sure what to do. I would absolutely love to but I think that if I was going to, I would probably do it sometime next year when I have finished with my exams. I love having this blog though as well so I would never want to stop blogging or leave this, it’s just the engagement that is a bit disheartening because you have to be so consistent & determined with blogging and it can take so long to gather some readers/ an audience. You just have to keep going and be so passionate about your blog, which is what I think has driven my ambition to continue writing on here. I’ll get straight into the list anyway so you can all hear who my favourite Youtubers are!

  1. Sadie Aldis
  2. Anastasia Kingsnorth
  3. MadFit
  4. elisemarin
  5. Nika Erculji
  6. Nancy Hurtado
  7. muchelleb
  8. Courtney Randall
  9. UnJaded Jade
  10. emma johansson
  11. Lavendaire
  12. Renee Amberg
  13. Ellie June
  14. revisign
  15. Kenna Marie
  16. A L L I S O N
  17. bestdressed
  18. Rebecca Ellie
  19. Grace Lillpop
  20. Grace Denny

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post – and I hope you have found some new Youtubers to watch! I am probably going to start doing lots more list ones again like this! Happy Friday to you all!

Sophie xx

12 thoughts on “My Favourite Youtubers ☆

  1. I loved reading this, and I’ll deifnetely check out some of your recommendations. UnJaded Jade makes it on to my list as well. Do you mind if I use this idea? I’ll give you all the credit, of course, but I just found it very enjoyable to read!
    Thank you so much, and stay safe 💗

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    1. aw i’m so happy that you enjoyed reading it! i LOVE unjaded jade so much and she’s probably one of the reasons that i constantly do so well in my exams. oh of course you can – that’s absolutely fine! xxx

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      1. She is such a great help in the academic life! I also love that she does yoga and promotes it among young people. I personally love starting my day off with a bit of stretching 🙂 It’s not uncool at all!
        Have a great day, Sophie. And take care!

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      2. yes absolutely, 100% – i love doing a workout and some stretching in a morning as well, it just sets off the day to such a great start! thankyou, i hope you have a great day too! stay safe xxx

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  2. Hey! You should so start a YouTube channel, I also think it’s a lot easier than a blog because it’s so in trend right now so you could see some results quickly and you would be amazing at it! I’m gonna check out a few of the youtubers you mentioned as I find you so inspiring! Don’t give up, keep going and the results will appear ❤

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    1. hey jules! aw i loved reading this comment, thankyou so much ❤ i really appreciate your support! it's so lovely to know that it is the sort of thing my followers & readers would like as well! thankyou again, this has literally made my day! xxx


  3. Thank you so much for this post, I found some awesome new YouTubers that I love! I was so excited when I saw that Sadie Aldis has type 1 diabetes like me! Sadie is my favorite YouTuber now, and I also tried madfit and it’s awesome! Thank you so much for the reccomendations!

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  4. I just started watching Allison’s channel and i love it, my long time faves are MuchelleB and Lavendaire , definitely going to check out your recommendations asap as I’m always looking for new channels to watch and you should definitely start a YouTube channel i would watch because it would be so aesthetic 😆😆

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